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02 February 2016 @ 08:47 pm
Magazine: DUET 05.2002

Download: MEGA

I didn't quite believe Sakurai had a belly button piercing until I saw this
( ´艸`)

Note: Scans are of the catalog, not the whole magazine. Cropped but otherwise unedited.

Free to use for scanlation/translating purposes.

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15 January 2016 @ 11:58 pm
Of all the People of Note™ I expected him least of all.

Now it's as if everyone has expressed everything already: in words and pictures, farewells to a friend, mentor, their inspiration and hope, and in confessions of having cried all day. They've said what I want to say, what I feel, what it means (collectively but also on a personal level), and even what I don't want to say or admit to feeling.

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06 December 2015 @ 01:23 pm
Re: Japonism, my absolute fave is Rolling days, which is rare for a not-Nino (my bias!) solo. I've been listening to the song along with Bolero! on my way to work. They've kinda replaced GUTS! to put me in the right mood for the day, especially those early start days.

Lately "it's almost Christmas" has been coming up a lot... too much imo. It's less the thought of Christmas that has put me in a slightly sour mood (I'm far from a Grinch; I'll be halfheartedly humming carols and perversely enjoying the last minute gift buying rush with the rest of them) and more the fact that it's yet another year ending, and what do I have to show for it? Naaaaaaada.

At the start of the year I mentioned to my sister N that I'd like to run a marathon. She, rightfully tbh, laughed. Everyone does that whole "so, any goals for the New Year?" and I'm sure we're all just lying to each other, really.

As for learning guitar... I've borrowed Guitar Chord Bible from N and haven't even started reading it.

Well, slow but surely is my way of things (though I'm not sure about "surely").

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30 October 2015 @ 02:53 am
The Japonism CD finally arrived (that’s what I get for choosing the cheapest shipping option lol) and I had some time to listen to it all the way through.

Kokoro no sora and Sakura are - oddly, as I usually prefer the other songs on the album over the singles - in my favourites. I'm a sucker for cool choreography, though, so that might have something to do with it.

Otherwise, atm the songs that stand out to me are Bolero! and Rolling days. Sakurai's solo is pretty much everything I wanted to hear from him, I just didn't know it until now. It gets my tension up and I looooove it. Of course the Sakurap is great (his best, like he's murmuring in your ear) but the singing is what caught my attention and, soon after, my heart.

As for the other members' solos: I like the continuity of Disco-sama in Aiba’s Mr. FUNK. The rap part was a nice surprise too.

Don't you love me? made me draw back at the first "stupid, stupid!!" Typical Matsujun; a bit flashy, a bit of English. Around the 3 min mark, I almost expected him to slip in "don't you know? murui no I'm a gentleman." It has that similar feel.

Nino’s solo MUSIC is cute and the game sounds are a fitting addition. Keen to see him dance to it.

What can I say about Akatsuki? Haha, Ohno's vocals are always so beautiful, so great, I've nothing but heart eyes. His solo actually reminds me of the more introspective/character focused Disney songs in a way. A good way, that is. I like it. Definitely looking forward to how he does it live.

I very much love the arrangement of Mikazuki but it's so disappointing that their voices are, like, digitalized? Similar to how they were in Hope in the darkness. It suits the latter but I think their raw vocals would've been lovely for Mikazuki.

It’s not uncommon at all for me to be like "meh" about an album... then the next month I’m listening to it on repeat everyday. It was like that with Digitalian which is now my favourite album of theirs, so. ( ̄ー ̄)

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27 October 2015 @ 12:44 am
Lately I've been listening to Cigarettes After Sex on repeat, especially Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby. Their songs feel like sincere serenades; makes me wanna learn guitar and sing them to people I love.

Really, learning guitar is something I've had in the back of my mind for the past year because as much as I like passively enjoying things, having active hobbies is a Good Thing... and I've only a few.

For now it's just "I should get around to it sometime" lol

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15 October 2015 @ 11:59 pm
I finally got around to pre-ordering Japonism [RE] ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧ ... and also bought into the shadows, the most recent studio album by Anoice. Although the members do have other projects, I hope they continue to release more music as a group. Absolutely love them.

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10 October 2015 @ 12:00 am
I went out, drinking, clubbing, and to the casino for the first time in a long time. The casino, I'd only gone once before for a friend's birthday. Leery of our money wasting away, we didn't spend long (or much money) there and this time wasn't much different.

The two clubs my friend and I used to frequent are now closed and we had to go to another that cost us a $10 entry, which was actually worth it because they cloaked our bags inside. The androgynous (and gorgeous!) person cloaking our stuff was really nice, patiently getting my bag every time I wanted to check my phone and not saying a word as I took my receipt from my bra 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

The thing with clubbing is... it feels weirdly ritualistic because of "hook up culture." Like, I'm fine with it but also 0% interested. I just wanna dance. Really, avoiding unwanted advances is more tiresome than dancing until 2am in regrettable heels.

Ahh well, at least I've filled my "be social" quota for the month.

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12 September 2015 @ 11:26 pm
I’ve been looking for a stable fulltime job, and while I haven’t had much luck with it, I will be working 40+ for the next few weeks. That means less time to fluff around on the internet but more $$$

(more $$$ to throw at Johnny's)

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04 September 2015 @ 06:12 pm
Exists (2014) directed by Eduardo Sánchez

This movie accomplished for me what none have so far: make bigfoot scary. It may be because I grew up watching Harry and the Hendersons, but the impression I have of bigfoot tends to be kinda comical. That in addition to the dozens of cheesy creature feature movies I've watched, I didn't think that I'd even get through the entirety of Exists.

The premise and characters are eyerollingly typical. A group of young adults, two couples and one single guy, go out for the weekend to an isolated cabin without telling anyone that's where they would be. It's a cliché horror film just waiting to happen. The plot isn't anything new either. Once they realise that something is after them, they do what everyone does in horror movies and try to escape.

However, the build-up was good, the monster of the movie was actually frightening, and the end revealed that it wasn't a completely random encounter.

Another thing that really pleased me was the way bigfoot was done visually. It was surprisingly good, the kind of stuff you expect to see in big budget action films, and you can see that in the close-ups towards the end of the film.

I'm a sucker for cryptid movies so maybe I'm bias, but I like it enough that I'm going to buy it once I save some $$$

[Sn: Director Eduardo Sánchez and writer, Jamie Nash, of this movie also did Altered which honestly had me scrolling through Tumblr on my phone.]

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02 September 2015 @ 12:29 am
I finished Murdered: Soul Suspect and take back what I said about the clues being difficult to find. The whole game was just so easy, I'm sure you could clock it completely within 5 hours. Despite the underwhelming gameplay, the time I spent on it wasn't entirely regrettable because the story and characters really were interesting. It would make for a good movie, but as a game, it fails imo.

I know it's not saying much because they're both J-pop, but Arashi's Ai wo Sakebe (song) reminds me of the female idol unit, BUONO! Just, the general genki sound of it. I do like the song, though. It's very cute and sincere fun. The choreography video makes me wish Arashi would do PV dance shots like BUONO! did. They were one of the few other idols groups I listened to.

As for Japonism... I literally don't have the money rn but don't mind because I'll probably get the RE anyway.

I'm really interested to see what their concept is for the album, especially because I thought The Digitalian had a real solid idea, which they also incorporated into their concerts (fanlights, heart-rate monitoring, the Hope in the darkness performance) and I wanna see if they continue that similarly. A few of their other studio albums had a theme as well, but they were fairly vague - more like they would sing about the idea; of Love, of a Beautiful World, etc - whereas the digital was actually present in The Digitalian.

Ahhh, we'll see. I'm excited.

Broke, but excited. ୧( ˵ ° ▿ ° ˵ )୨〜♡嵐

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